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A leaky sink can be a nuisance in any household! Hearing that annoying noise or dealing with the pesky puddles is a hassle. Not knowing why it’s happening can make it even more frustrating to deal with! When your sink is leaking, you’ll need to figure out if you can fix it yourself or need...


Having issues with your plumbing system? You’ll need a solution fast — water can deal thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in your home in an instant. However, hiring a plumber can cost you $45 to $200 per hour on average. This may tempt you to DIY plumbing repairs; YouTube can help you with that, right? Well,...


Can you believe it? Pipe It Up turns 6 this year! While the road has been bumpy, Pipe It Up has been able to maintain and is on the road to see major growth. Reflecting over last year we ask that you join us in celebrating some wins: Served over 3000 new residential customers. Added...


It is true that the sun is shining a little more these days and things are starting to heat up. While many people are eager to get outside, make sure you check out this plumbing checklist to get your home prepared for the change in seasons.  Check ups for your home.  As the weather warms...


Are you fed up with constant clogs in your toilet? You are not alone. Numerous phone calls come in throughout the day with the question “what is causing my toilet to clog?”  While there could be something more serious happening with your plumbing there are some troubleshooting you can do before throwing dollars at your...


Plumbing in the middle of a pandemic is a little bit different. Now more than ever the safety of our customers and our staff is highest priority.  That being said, we understand and respect the need for estimates via email or over the phone. While we prefer onsite estimates to give you the most accurate...

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