ServicingBeat the heat, prevent leaks.

It is true that the sun is shining a little more these days and things are starting to heat up. While many people are eager to get outside, make sure you check out this plumbing checklist to get your home prepared for the change in seasons. 

  1. Check ups for your home. 

As the weather warms up it is important to check your plumbing fixtures and appliances for leaks. Be sure to check in areas like crawl spaces, attics, and under sinks. Check your refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine and make sure the water line connecting to these appliances are in working order and leak free. When checking appliances don’t forget the water heater! You’ll want to look for corrosion or sediment buildup. 

  1. Time to water the grass and garden. 

The warmer weather calls for watered yards. It’s a good idea to walk your lawn and to check your outside faucets to see if there is water in places there shouldn’t be. It is also important to check water flow. If there are leaks you may need to replace the faucet and if the leaking doesn’t stop then it could be pipe related and you may need to replace a damaged pipe. 

  1. What’s your main issue? 

With the sun shining more the phone starts ringing here with leaking spigots and cracked main lines. While some leaks are more difficult to detect since accessing your main line is underground there are a few signs you can look for to determine if there are any issues like soggy spots in your yard, awet sidewalks or any other pools of water. 

  1. Check you drains 

Maintaining your gutters and drain systems will help you avoid leaks and water coming into your home from the outside. Make sure your drains are cleaned and are draining properly and that there isn’t any dirt, debris, or critters blocking it. 

  1. Pump it up 

Testing your sump pump annually is extremely important, and lucky for you it is easy to do! All you need is a few buckets of water. Pour them over the pit, if everything is working well the pump should turn on right away and then discharge the water and turn off. 

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