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Are you fed up with constant clogs in your toilet? You are not alone. Numerous phone calls come in throughout the day with the question “what is causing my toilet to clog?” 

While there could be something more serious happening with your plumbing there are some troubleshooting you can do before throwing dollars at your drain. 


Your Flow May Be Low 

While switching over to a water saving toilet is a great idea, these are fairly new to the market and depending on when you purchased and installed your toilet you may not have the right amount of pressure. 

Expert Tip: Check the back of your toilet for manufacturing date, if it was made in the mid 90’s, that may be your problem. Think about replacing that toilet with a newer model with higher pressure. 


Don’t Flush That 

What you’re flushing down the toilet could be part of the problem leading to what’s not flushing. While you may think flushing kleenex, paper towels, and flushable wipes are safe to go down the drain, they can and will lead to future clogs. 

Expert Tip: Make sure you have a trashcan in your bathroom for proper disposal of those non flushable items. 


More Water Please 

It has been said that more water can solve a lot of problems and that could be true for your toilet too! If your fill valve is not working properly your toilet could not be getting enough water to flush the waste. 

Expert Tip: Check the fill valve on all toilets in the home to make sure they are allowing enough water to flow through. Most plumbing companies offer this as a part of their free plumbing inspection. 


If you are still experiencing issues after troubleshooting, give us a call as you might have more serious issues needing to be handled by a licensed and experienced technician.

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