ServicingPlumbing Priorities Before You Leave On Vacation (vacations know hows)

It is safe to say after 2020 that we ALL need a little vacation. But before you do that let’s go over what to make sure is covered before you go. 

  • Shut off main water – To avoid any existing leaks getting bigger than how it was left and coming home to a flood and a bigger expense. 
  • Not only plants need water Many things around the house will not provide service when you turn off the main supply like ice makers, toilets, showers, water heaters, etc. 
  • Phone a friend – If you will be away from home longer than a couple of weeks you will want someone to occasionally pass through and run water down the pipes to prevent sewer gases from entering the home. This also saves pipes and fixtures from becoming dry and cracked. 
  • Test that sump pump – nothing can ruin a vacation more than returning home to a flood. Before you head to Honolulu check your sump pump for power. The pump should remove water when a bucket of water is dumped over it. 
  • Freezing pipes – Making sure heat is at the mid low 60s rate or above which will make sure you don’t come back to a flood or damaged pipes. If your house is below 60 could potentially cause damage. Living in Colorado we could be sunny one day and freezing the next. Let’s prepare for Colorado weather. 
  • Fixing any small leak – Any leak requiring a bucket, a plumber should be called (Pipe It Up), even the smallest leak can cause the biggest damage to the residence. 

Schedule an inspection – Planning ahead? Schedule a plumber out to walk your home a few weeks prior to leaving so you can identify any problems and have them repaired before you leave.

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