Tips & TricksChoosing the Right Plumber

When dealing with plumbing issues, there’s no need to panic. Knowing the right plumber will alleviate the stress before the problem even happens.

Here are some ways to find the right plumber for you:

  1. Customer Service: When you’re having an emergency it’s important to know that you have a team on your side that knows how to handle your problem and the level of importance. Customer service doesn’t begin when the technician arrives on onsite for Pipe It Up, it starts the moment you make that phone call. With knowledgeable and experienced staff in the office and in the field we are sure to get any issue taken care of and in a timely manner. We take pride in being efficient and dispatching the right technician the first time and following up shortly after they are gone.
  2. Licensed, Professional & Experienced Technicians: Doing plumbing the right way isn’t something that happens overnight. In fact, it takes time, knowledge, experience and training to do the job up to standards.  That’s why here at Pipe It Up, we take pride in hiring licensed, and experienced technicians. As of 2020, our core technicians have a combined level of experience that exceeds well over 50 years. In addition, we hire, train and develop plumbing apprentices in house. Plumbing isn’t just a job for PIU techs, it is a passion.
  3. Timely & Accurate Estimates: Let’s be honest, the cost of plumbing repairs can be expensive. Couple that with not knowing the cost beforehand and you have a recipe for disaster. Don’t throw your money down the drain by getting a “guesstimated over the phone” price. Instead, when possible ask for an onsite estimate, so you can get a full evaluation of the total project, big or small, and get accurate pricing the first time. Got a potential problem, plumbing emergency or planning a remodel? Call us for a free onsite estimate! 
  4. Reliable & Consistent: The last thing any home or business owner wants to worry about is “where is my technician”. That is why it is important to find a reliable and consistent team of technicians who are ready and available when you call. Having a team that is not only familiar with your plumbing systems, but works around you and your schedule is a key to finding a great plumber.  I know a lot of us are at home now, but that hasn’t always been the case and it won’t be like this forever. At Pipe It Up, we offer appointments 7 days a week and consistently “leave it better than we found it” . Also every location we touch we are leaving a piece of us and our work ethic. We want to be remembered and do so by creating a 5-star experience.
  5. Guarantees & Maintenance Plans: Have you ever overlooked or underestimated the power behind maintenance plans and guarantees. It happens to the best of us. We buy something and think it’s going to work forever, and it doesn’t. Often causing you to pay double than you did the first time?  That is why here at Pipe It Up, we guarantee all of our work, and offer ongoing maintenance plans for all of our services. In addition to guaranteeing our work we also offer affordable maintenance plans. Stay ahead of problems by scheduling routine maintenance.
  6. Reviews & References: We live in a time of reviews and referrals. Want to know how a company is doing? Check their reviews! Want to dig a little more, ask for references! Pipe It Up is happy to provide all of our customers, both residential and commercial with our capabilities statement and a list of references. 


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